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SKENAR COSMODIC with Male Personality

VX735 was the first ‘second generation SKENAR device’ incorporating SKENAR and COSMODIC technologies combined (in set proportions).

After 7 years of serious on-going improvements and updates LET Medical achieved the top advancement for the SC-CS VX735. The latest version of the device boasts increased reliability, first-class performance, high efficiency, and simplicity of use.  The VX735 shows its best qualities in the treatment of conditions and structures that require power and speed rather than delicacy and tact: muscles, tendons, and bones; traumas and injuries, especially in sports. It rarely malfunctions and gets you results FAST.

Three modes of action — COSMODIC, SKENAR and SKENAR MAX always allow you to effectively treat a wide range of painful conditions, and the silver electrodes of VX735Ag provide additional benefits.

NOTE: all our devices come with a complementary Virtual Training (PDF downloads, 50+ articles, 80+ videos) designed to help you get quick and profound results with your new COSMODIC or ENS.


Dr. Karasev, the SKENAR inventor, about the VX735

The Main purpose of design: Powerful device for treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, traumas and injuries.   

Device with male personality — VX735. Intended for treatment of sports injuries. Can eliminate huge haematoma within 5-7 minutes. Will need even less time to cope with a sprain. This device has the most powerful output stage and can manage any injury within several minutes.

Very reliable and has big resource. It can work for many years without need for repair. Of course, it will perfectly treat old (chronic) diseases and will help those who suffer from diabetes and other complicated conditions, as this is a professional device. Since traumas and locomotory system disorders are the most typical problems, which we face nearly every day, such device is a must at home as a first-aid kit.

Direct and strong doer, the VX735Ag is invaluable
for traumas and injuries and will get you results FAST.

VX735 was the first LET Medical device incorporating SKENAR and COSMODIC ® technologies combined. It underwent several modifications over a period of 7 years and finally emerged as a robust device with “male personality”: bold, powerful, and a go-getter.

Now the SC-CS VX735 offers increased reliability, first-class performance, high efficiency, and simplicity of use. It shows its best qualities in the treatment of conditions and structures that require power and speed rather than delicacy and tact: muscles, tendons, and bones; traumas and injuries, especially in sports. It rarely malfunctions and gets you results FAST.

Reliability and efficiency of the VX735 in correct applications provide good compensation for the lack of sophistication. With the VX735, Bruce Willis in “Die Hard” always comes to mind…

SC-CS VX735 currently comes in two versions that differ by their in-built electrodes shape and material: VX735Ag (silver electrodes) and VX735L (stainless steel electrodes).

  • Microresonance technology provides a higher sensitivity of the device and allows getting more accurate biological feedbacks from the body.
  • Dynamic adaptation” mode allows modulating stimulation for variety if therapy lasts too long.
  • LCD BW display and LED and sound indication.
  • VERY easy to determine the beneficial treatment areas (“Active area search” mode).
  • First-aid effect.
  • Three action modes: COSMODIC and SKENAR MAX (the latter is particularly good for muscular-skeletal problems and acute traumas and injuries).
  • Timer showing the time of action upon a particular area and total time of action during the session.
  • Detachable silver electrodes.
  • Port for external electrodes (remote attachments).
LCD display shows:
  • Action Modes.
  • Energy level.
  • A condition of the area being treated.
  • An activity of the area being treated during treatment and its changes.
  • “Dosing”.
  • Time of action upon a particular area and the total session time.
  • Battery status.

ELECTRODES. The SC-CS VX735Ag electrodes are detachable and made in a form of three bars, which are flat on the underside and rounded at the front end of the device. The rounded part is convenient for treatment of small or hard-to-reach areas (for example, on the face). The flat part is mainly used for the treatment of large areas.

The electrodes are made of pure silver according to the special technology, which allows maintaining the natural structure of silver. This provides additional healing effect and more accurate signal. Silver is known for its bactericidal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory effects; it is a natural bactericidal metal effective against 650 kinds of bacteria which do not acquire resistance to it, like to most antibiotics. (More about LET Medical silver electrodes – CLICK HERE)

CASING: a SMART series casing made of shockproof ABS type plastic, 3.5 mm thick. Waterproof keyboard.

What’s included in the SC-CS VX735Ag PRICE
  • SC-CS VX735Ag device;
  • Genuine leather case;
  • Two size AA, 1.5V batteries;
  • Operator’s Manual (supplied by LET Medical);
  • PDF of the “LET Medical Recommendations on COSMODIC Treatment”;
  • PDF of the “COSMODIC® User Guide” (supplied by us);
  • Access to our proprietary COSMODIC Virtual Training (Fast Start Track) with 50+ articles and 80+ videos to quickly get you proficient in operating your new device and achieving good results with it.

There are also DVDs available – full recordings of live training program “COSMODIC For Younger You” that teaches the basics of COSMODIC technology in general and its application for anti-aging and beauty treatment in particular (sold separately).


Your SC-CS VX735Ag comes with a one-year warranty, which begins from the date you receive your device. The warranty covers any malfunctioning of the device except for the ones that happen due to careless handling (dropping or crushing the device, water or fire damage, battery leakage etc.). In this case, we will still help you to get your device fixed or replaced, but you will have to cover the replacement or repair costs.

SC-CS VX735: brave, bold, and powerful for profound results in record time.

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