As you may know, we are in a process of creating a Book of 1001 SCENAR Stories. This is the book where users of SCENAR devices and technology share their experiences and findings. The SCENAR Book will be FREE for anyone interested giving this wonderful technology the credibility it deserves.


Please share with us your experiences, opinions, and observations for the benefit of the entire SCENAR Community. You can post them as COMMENTS below on this page or email them to us at The SCENAR World will be waiting 🙂

As you can imagine, it will take us some time to accumulate 1001 stories 🙂 So we thought, before The SCENAR Book is actually done, you should still be able to take advantage of these stories and start using them to help the SCENAR and your practice grow.

So here we go…  On this page we are publishing the SCENAR Stories the way you submit them to us. We are putting your stories as Comments, with the “freshest” ones on top – and you can comment on those stories, if you wish to support your fellow SCENARists or ask them a question or two.)

On behalf of SCENAR, THANK YOU!

Dr. Irina

P.S. You can also download edited PDF versions of some of the stories below (click on the image). Please feel free to print them and use at your discretion to show others that they too can have healing miracles in their lives – all by themselves, just with a little Personal Health Assistant in their hands!

DOVE scenar Stories
COSMODIC 715 Stories Book
Scenar EX735Ag Stories Book
C-DOVE-705m Stories Book

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  • Richard Gaunt
    15.12.2010 00:09

    Last week I sprained my ankle playing basketball. It’s not the first time I’ve had such an injury. I could tell by the way I did it and the swelling I could feel in my shoe, and later visually see, that this was a pretty good sprain. Typically, I would think I would be limping noticeably for two weeks. Treatment would consist of icing the problem area and rest; keeping the foot elevated as much as possible.

    When I got home I iced the area first. Then I started using my Ex735ag around the injured area. I brushed the scenar all around the injured area and the opposite side of the ankle as well. I did this for 10 minutes on the injured area and 3 minutes on the non-injured side. Then I took readings with the Ex735ag and dosed the areas of high activities, dosing the highest activity areas first. There were three main areas that needed attention. Each took less than 5 minutes to dose.

    The next day I would do the same treatment of brushing and targeting high activity areas 3 times. The next day two times, and from then on once a day. Within 3 days I had a slight limp. Today, the sixth day, although it still feels injured, I can walk on it almost without any limp. For me, this is an extremely fast recovery. Without the scenar treatments, I would have expected to be practically immobile for 3-4 days and limping noticeably for 7-10 days. I expect to be playing again in a week.

  • STORY #1

    One morning I woke up with very serious acute sinus pain. I had borrowed the 735Ag from a client, and decided to try it on my sinus. The program ran for just over ten minutes (at that time the longest I had seen was about 2 minutes), and I was getting a little nervous. As the program continued to run, I began to experience relief from the sinus pain, and some tingling on the surface of the skin over my cheek. When the program was complete, I shut off the unit and was able to go back to sleep. I awoke a little while later with absolutely no symptoms in my sinus, even the “normal” congestion I would have on any morning. Very cool!

    STORY #2

    I have been working with a client for about three years (I am a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist). He has very thick skin, and has had a stubborn back pain. He walks with his legs externally rotated, and has tremendous difficulty in relaxing during the session. Getting to his deeper tissues is typically very difficult, as his skin is very thick.

    About a week and a half after he had received his 735Ag, I went into the therapy room and put my hands on his back, AND MY HANDS SANK IN DIRECTLY TO THE MUSCLES!! There was no need to warm up the tissues to TRY to treat the muscles, I was getting to them with ease.

    I immediately asked what he was doing, and he told me about the SCENAR. I had to know more. I had never seen any change in tissues happen so suddenly. The only other time I’d seen changes like this was when a couple had completely changed their diet to organic, but even then it took months. This was miraculous.

    He was gracious enough to let me borrow the SCENAR to try on several of my patients, but there was little change. I have noticed that in order for any significant change to occur, several treatments over a short period of time are required for changing chronic conditions. Once a week was just not going to cut it.

    Tracy Jones

  • Bonnie Bailey
    15.12.2010 00:15

    STORY #1

    I have a friend that has had back problems for many years. She gets locked up and can hardly move. The last time this happened, I offered help, but was politely declined. She has a very stressful family situation. Added to this was the wedding of her son, a highly emotionally charged event. After several days of watching her hurt, I told her to stop being so stubborn and let me help. She was tired of hurting and agreed.

    We worked on her hip with both the laser, the 715 and the DOVE for about an hour. Emotions were a big part of the distress. I used Flower Essences topically as I work as well. At that point she was pain free and mobile. It took several more times working on the same areas until she stayed pain free. It now has been several months.

    STORY #2

    This is not so funny as interesting to watch.

    My children are all adults. When they come home, they find the box that i keep my equipment in and pick out their device of choice. One night we were all watching a movie. Everyone had a different device going. The room was full of beeps, going on and off. Then they would trade around.

    My grandchildren often come and show me some injury that they have and declare that they need to use one device or the other.

    One of our dogs loves the laser. She know where it is kept and whine for us to get it out for her.

    Bonnie Bailey
    970 670 0749

  • Kathy Kay
    15.12.2010 00:18

    I have limited exposure to the Scenar as I have just been introduced to the usage just about one month ago. A co-worker mentioned to me a little machine she had on lone to her from a friend. She sang the praises of the scenar’s capabilities. I was intrigued and immediately proposed a ‘test’. My husband has been experiencing sharp pain in his hip and lower back after experiencing a fall approx 3 weeks prior. I suggested she let us see if this would easy his discomfort.

    That night we went to her house. After a brief explanation of the “how to’s” I began giving him a treatment in the low back and hip area. At the conclusion of the treatment – his pain in this area was completely alleviated – for the first time in three weeks! I offered to buy more batteries and made an appointment to return for another treatment for his thigh – which is another story. It has been two weeks since that treatment and he is still pain free in his low back /hip area.

    After a successful initial treatment with the scenar, we returned to a friend’s house to use the loner machine on my husbands thigh area. He has been experiencing burning and deep ache in his right thigh for several weeks. It was progressively getting worse and there seems to be nothing to ease it. We used the scenar on the thigh and he found great relief, though not complete pain free results. We later found out that he has shingles. We are hoping to be able to use the machine again to see if it will clear up the problem completely.

  • Dr. Don Snow
    15.12.2010 00:22

    Well, I’m back. As promised I am going to give you my protocol methodology for treating arthritis. First, I’ll discuss osteo-arthritis:

    If any of you have ever attempted to treat osteo arthritis you may have noticed that it is quite difficult to find any assymetries when scanning with the SCENAR (by the way, SCENAR is better than Cosmodic, at first). That is because the body is in total ignorance that it even has a problem, that’s why it progresses so insidiously. Therefore, scan the affected area thoroughly, then go over it again. Now you will see many assymetries! Now you have something to treat. Now dose these as you find them. The results will be immediate and profound.

    Those of you that can practice acupuncture can speed this process up considerably through the use of the needle and a Pachi-pachi sparker device and 3 way cords. Pachi the affected area and if the pain is affected by changes in the weather, add moxa to the needle after the pachi-pachi e’stim. Then scan using the SCENAR frequency of available. If you don’t have a first generation SCENAR, use COSMODIC. However, if you use cosmodic expect the device to turn itself off many times. This is because the body needs SCENAR. However, just turn the device back on and continue treating.

    This disease, like neuropathies, is very time consuming to treat; but it will go away and if their is any edema, you will see immediate results and the pain should be 80% or more gone.

    SCENAR intesity should be set to comfort.

    Now, when treating an inflammed rheumatoid arthritis. This responds much more slowly and is much more difficult to treat. Here, SCENAR intensity must be set very high (to tolerance) because here you are trying to drain excess energy. Also, for this sydrome that patient must have lots of patience, if so, they will improve though very slowly. If one practices Oriental medicine, RA must be treated with internal medicine. If this is available, the patient will respond much faster.

    Hope this helps.

    Dr. Don Snow, DAOM, MPH, L.Ac.

  • Jeff Gibbs
    16.12.2010 06:53

    I have a few scenar / cosmodic stories that may help others.

    The first was how I became acquainted with Scenar / Cosmodic technology. I was pushing my daughter on an old fashioned 6 foot round merry go round with the iron bars that split it into quarter sections. In pushing the merry go round, I got it to maximum speed, but didn’t get my hand out of the way soon enough, with the next bar around striking my knuckle hard. I ignored it and eventually the pain went away, but by the time I noticed it, the finger was permanently bent at about a 100 degree angle, with very little movement from there, due to what was ultimately determined to be scar tissue. After trying everything standard doctors could do, I ordered a scenar / cosmodic blend (the old version of the 735). About the time my device came in, I finally got in to see a hand specialist. He said they could do something for me – it would require a year or so of stretching, casting, restretching, recasting, etc (in every week or two), to gain back some extension, then 3 to 6 months to again be able to bend it. It was a week before I could get into the occupational therapist he referred me to for beginning the process. In the interim, I began stretching the finger, using the CS setting (75% cosmodic/25% scenar – at Dr. Karasev’s recommendation). By the time of my first appointment, I had regained 30 degrees ROM. The therapist was amazed and said to keep doing what I was doing, and she came up with a specialized splint to use to hold it in the stretched position when I wasn’t working it otherwise. By 5 weeks from my initial visit to the hand specialist, at my second appointment with him, I had regained all of the ROM he would have been able to help me with, and I could both stretch and bend my finger. The only restriction in movement since then has been due to the calculus build-up that formed at the joint shortly after the finger was hit (X-rays showed there was no fracture, but my body apparently did not realize that and acted like the area was broken anyway, putting down extra reinforcement in the area. I don’t know whether the cosmodic would have been necessary at the time – I suspect that the DOVE could have done the same job for a lower cost.

    The second story was one involving pulled back muscles. I had heard that scenars and cosmodics worked well on back injuries, but really did not pay a lot of attention to that since it was not a problem I had. Then a year and a half ago I pulled a muscle in my back, and it seemed to go out of place, one Friday afternoon. It was bad enough so I had to sit at an angle. Before that my first response would have been to call a chiropractor to get over the problem, since that type of thing had not gone away on its own before. But it was too late in the week to get into a chiropractor that week, and I was out of town the next week. I knew I would be in misery for at least a week and a half. Then I remembered what I had heard. I took my scenar and began to work over the area, found a sticky spot, and let it work. Within minutes the first spot was gone, but the area still seemed to want attention. I worked around the area for a while, probably finding five or six sticky spots or so, and worked through each one. Each time the spot seemed to move slightly. Once all the spots were gone (about 15 or 20 minutes after I started), 85 to 90% of the pain was gone, and I had my full ROM back and was able to get to sleep easily. The next day I still had the minor residual discomfort, where I had stopped the evening before, I worked over the area again for maybe 10 minutes, again working thru sticky spots, and by the time I was done all the pain was gone, and I didn’t even consider seeing a chiropractor. In fact I haven’t seen one since then.

    The third story was one that occurred during flu season last year. A few months before I had seen a posting on the OneMedicine site (by Dr. Rob Esser) where he mentioned that a trick he used with acupuncture, from traditional Chinese medicine (actually with an acupuncture technique called cupping) for the flu. He said that if you could catch a person within 24 hr of the start of the flu, they could often stop it immediately by simply cupping the B11 acupuncture point on the back. He felt that it should work with a cosmodic as well as with cupping, and suggested trying it, using a cosmodic on B11 on both sides. He said that a cosmodic should draw, like cupping does, not push, like scenar does. He said that if it was successful (as he thought it probably would be) “the result will be noticeably instantly”. He said that when it works, it disables the virus and gives control back to the immune system. That was a tidbit of information that I filed away, figuring I probably would never use it. Then it happened. One evening I began to feel worse, and within an couple hours it was clear that I was well on my way to having a good case of the flu. I figured I would be in for a rough night. Then I remembered what Dr. Esser had said, dug up the place of the B11 acupuncture point, and broke out my little 705 (the only pure cosmodic unit I had). I tried the maybe 45 seconds to a minute per side on each B11 point (one on each side of the back), and there was an immediate breaking of the problems. It was very noticeable. I wasn’t perfect yet, but felt a lot better, no more chills or other major flu symptoms. It was getting close to bed time, and I simply went to bed when I normally would, had a good night’s sleep, and by the next morning I was back to 100% with not even residual symptoms of the flu.

  • Mary Ellen Lively
    16.12.2010 21:53

    Ex 715 Cosmodic

    I have had an annoying wart on my index finger for many years. Recently, I inadvertently caught it on something and “shaved” off the very top of it. I snipped off the skin flap which now left the raw center exposed and very painful to the slightest touch. After enduring this discomfort for a couple of days I decided to give the 715 a try. I placed it directly on the wound (actually the wart was between 2 of the electrodes) at a low power level so as not to cause more pain.

    The day after the first dosing showed obvious improvement. Following further dosing on two consecutive days the wart has totally disappeared.

  • Dr. Don Snow
    16.12.2010 22:15

    This is my first “SCENAR” and I am already in love
    2 sciatica experiences

    Today I have just received my first SCENAR DOVE. I also own two 705s and an EX 735 Modific. However, this is my first “SCENAR” and I am already in love. I have just finished treating my second patient with it.

    1. Pt. #1: 86 y/o female with 18 years of worsening low back pain and right-sided sciatica. This is her fourth treatment, but the first with the new DOVE. The results were almost instantaneous! Within 3 minutes (this thing doses very quickly) the sciatica was gone. A few minutes more and so was the LBP. This patient complained during the treatment that her pain was getting worse, then…poof.. the pain was gone!

    2. Pt. #2: A 43 y/o female with LBP and right sided sciatica with numbness in right foot. About 7 minutes of tx (and a dose)…pain gone! so was the numbness in her foot. During the tx this one also complained, but she felt a deep needle sensation throught the assymetry being tx. Also quite suddenly, pain gone.

    Now I’ll tell you, I love my COSMODICs and 735, but so far they cannot compete with the speed of this baby. However, the DOVE is a bit more complicated to use. It appears that SCENAR is better for musculoskeletal problems and the COSMODICs appear better for functional problems. For internal medicine type problems the COSMODICs are super fast, but the SCENAR is faster for musculoskeletal pathologies.

    Can’t wait to try this DOVE out on a neuropathy patient and see how they compare.

    Dr. Don Snow

  • Louis Spoelstra
    25.02.2011 05:05

    How ‘healing miracles’ happen
    The Heel Spur story

    This January me and my son Arjan where on a cruise in the Caribbean, where we met Dr. Irina and Doc David.

    Already the first day, we were attracted by the ‘toolbox’ they were always carrying with them constantly helping one or another of the fellow passengers.

    Their devices seem to work very well for everyone. I was very curious, and wanted to know more about their ‘hocus pocus’. So we also came into contact with them and decided to try their therapy for my heel spur that was bothering me a lot for a long time.

    The next morning I and Arjan went out for breakfast, and there were Dr. Irina and Doc David, having their breakfast as well and helping, of course, yet another ‘patient’ at the same time.

    “Please join us,” – they said and we got some extra chairs. Doc David told my son to start the treatment right away. He took the DOVE, pressed a few times, think it was the max. load, and told Arjan to make little circles on my heel. This was easy to do.

    Meanwhile we talked about the DOVE and how things should happen. After say 15 min. Dr. Irina
    asked Arjan to stop, and told me to stand up and stamp my foot. Ten minutes before I could NOT stamp my foot without tears rolling over my cheek. Now, NO PAIN, nothing!

    I was very skeptical and was convinced that after the coffee, it would be back again. It has been a MONTH now, and pain has NOT returned!

    Now I know how “healing miracles” happen.

    Thanks for crossing our roads, Dr. Irina, Doc David, and the little DOVE!

    Louis Spoelstra,
    Bladel, Holland

  • Dr. Hani Badr
    09.04.2011 05:55

    Just to let you know that the first case I decided to deal with using Healing Fusion system was a difficult case (avascular necrosis of the head of left femur) of a 9 years old boy. The improvement started to be obvious after 6 months of applying bi-weekly sessions using my Q-Laser and Dove scenar.

    By the way, the child name is “Nour”, which means “light” ( a happy co-incidence ) .

    Accept my best regards
    Dr.Hani Badr
    Proud to be from Egypt
    And happy for practicing the healing fusion system
    And above all thanks to God.

  • Ethel Snooks
    21.06.2011 05:59

    The pain of 38 years left and has never returned
    715Ag stops menstrual-related pain

    I have a 50 year old friend who has had a problem ever since she started menstruating. When she was a toddler she had a boil under her left arm. It was lanced and a couple of stitches were used to close the wound. As she grew that scar gradually moved down to the outer edge of the top of the breast. Just before and during the first day or two of menstruation she has had annoying pain in that area.

    She had asked to use the 715 for a sprained knee incurred during a fall on the ice. It was such a help she asked to try it for this pain. Now remember, she has had this pain every month for 38 years. She applied the 715 to the spot and dosed twice. The pain left and has never returned.

    I have a couple more stories I need to write up but need to prepare for company today so will cut this short.

    Thank you for your help.

    Ethel Snooks

  • Dr. Marie Green
    12.07.2011 06:04

    C-DOVE is ideal for headaches
    How to quickly deal with headaches

    This is the experience I wanted to share with the Scenar Therapists.

    I put the C-Dove wherever it hurts on the head and wait until it doses. This usually works very well and quickly. Today I used the regular Dove to paint the forehead and that worked too, but the c-dove really is ideal for headaches.

    I part the hair and then squirt some water on the scalp… put the C-Dove on the sore spot and it makes the headache go away… Even the worst migraine leaves in about 10 minutes. If the migraine has lasted many days, it might take 20 minutes to make it go away!!!!!

    Dr. Marie Green
    Utah, USA

  • Kees van Woudenberg
    24.07.2011 05:07

    I felt NO PAIN at all, NO REDNESS and NO BLISTERS
    EX735Ag Modific heals a boiling water burn

    Dear Irina, I like to tell you that after I spilled cooking water 100derg C over my belly. I used the EX735 Modific on the highest level (manual) and swept it over my Belly for 15 min. and I can tell you the unbelievable story, I felt NO PAIN at all, NO REDNESS and NO BLISTERS.

    Further on vacation in the Carabean with many type of insect, after the stich 1 min. on the place with XE374 Modific and no problem.

    My Cardiologist is amazed that my heart is still the same. With Cardio Myopathy you are in bad shape, but it is still stable. He is amazed about my SCENAR.


  • Sandie Sue Smith
    02.09.2011 05:11

    No more shots and no more expensive doctor visits! I couldn’t be happier.
    Rheumatoid arthritis experience

    This site is very helpful to me. I’ve had my DOVE for about 3 years. My husband and I have helped over 50 people, with only 2 unfavorable results. All others experienced complete relief of their pain with 1 or 2 treatments. We have only been focusing on pain relief, though your site says the DOVE can cure other medical issues.

    I, personally, avoided a right hip replacement surgery due to rheumatoid arthritis. After treating all around my right hip every day for about a month, I no longer needed to walk with a cane and the pain was completely gone. I have done the same thing with my knees. I was having to get painful shots under my knee caps for arthritis. Not wanting to go through those shots, I started treating my knees with the DOVE and I am pain free.

    No more shots and no more expensive doctor visits! I couldn’t be happier.

    Many thanks,
    Sandie Smith
    Delray Beach, FL

    • I own as near device but do not know much about its application. Is there a protocol you followed and for how Much time you gave in one treatment?
      I have injured my ankles and went thru surgery for correction. Surgery is fairly new and I want to treat the pain with this device. Can you please advice what mode and for how long shall give the treatment? Can I use sticky electrodes as it is difficult brushing the area.
      Would appreciate your response.

  • Shona Wilson
    03.11.2011 05:40

    Even as a total scenar novice I have had outstanding success
    First experiences with the EX735Ag Slider

    I feel so privileged to own a Slider! Even as a total scenar novice I have had outstanding success.
    One woman could breathe thru her nose for the first time in 15 years! I was wondering why she kept sniffing and saying wow… so that was what she told me 🙂
    One treatment freeing up a carpel tunnel; cysts in breast disappearing; lowered blood pressure… Never having owned any other device I cannot compare.
    I just say, Thank you.

    Shona Wilson,
    New Zealand

  • The Scenar was able to expel the particles that were suffocating my cells
    Experience with the GMO-polluted food

    Thank you for the article on how the Scenar listens and “The Secrets of the Dose”. I definitely enjoy a better understanding of what it’s doing. The part about
    GMO particles blocking receptors was of particular interest to me.

    About a month ago I was being kept awake by a stomach ache. I happened to have the Scenar at home with me, so I muscle tested to see what was optimal treatment.

    Muscle testing is something I learned when I took my Health Kinesiology course, and it allows me to “ask” the body what it needs for treatment. This is a very effective skill when combined with Scenar treatment, as I can go directly to the treatment or protocol the body wants.

    I started with a double (* and @) dose on the Stomach 16 meridian point on the left breast, followed by double dosing from the Central Vessel 17 (near the bottom of the sternum) all the way down to Central Vessel 4 (between naval and pubic bone). I am delighted to report that the pain was completely gone by the time I was done!

    Now I understand why it happened, I had eaten some GMO oatmeal before bed, it was causing me the pain. The Scenar was able to expel the particles that were suffocating my cells, and believe me, the waste and oatmeal was expelled most effectively by morning.

    I hope sharing my story is beneficial to someone. I know that the article was most beneficial to me.
    Thank you.


    Alma Sawatsky
    Scenar Therapist at East House Natural Health
    612 – 15th Street NW, Calgary, AB

  • I now have full use of both my arms…
    Experience with paralysis after an accident

    I have actually had SCENAR device used on me. My arm was Paralysed due to an accident involving a comealong. The other arm was also badly damaged.

    It took a year of weekly sessions with Dr. Gunter from Russia, but I now have full use of both my arms. She was in a medical office in Texas City and resided in Houston at the time.

    I highly recommend this form of treatment. I should know, I am typing this message with both arms fully healed. Something I never thought I would be able to do.


    • kris smith
      28.10.2013 23:45


      Great to read of your succesful recovery from such a bad injury. I too have had the use of my arms affected due to a spinal cord injury–levels cervicle 5 and 6. Was your injury siimlar, or have you heard of any like i have described?

      Best wishes,


  • Mike Upstone
    04.12.2013 00:43

    I especially like treating sceptics, including doctors 🙂
    4 years with SCENAR…

    I would like to add some comments as I have now treated in the region of 400 people with old Scenar technology over a period of around 4 years. There have been many cases when I treat someone for a very long term injury or illness that it cures ‘on the spot’.

    Last week I treated a man in Liverpool who had numbness and some pain in his leg as a result of a previously broken back, which he was fortunate to recover from. During treatment he started feeling his leg and foot – I had to ask him to sit still, but he was so excited he couldn’t… it brought feeling back to his leg for the first time in 28 years. I have had many similar experiences.

    On the basis that this technology works – brilliantly – and it and related technologies (Cosmodic, Low Level Laser and the healing blanket) actually stimulate very rapid cellular regeneration in the body, for example helping it to grow a new heart without a scar after a heart attack, a perfect one with no scar!.. there is no cost issue to be considered.

    How much is a stent operation, a facelift, even a relatively minor operation to move a broken bone back in to position… ? How much time do people lose from work when they are sick? How much do they spend on medication? How many expensive holidays are ruined through illness or injury, even including minor issues like colds and flu?
    The real issue is cost benefit and value for money.

    Among many other cases I can cite I helped a Norwegian woman who had not worked in 10 years return to employment after a great deal of suffering due to a combination of back problems and allergies… it took just a few treatments, over a few weeks… there are many more examples I have seen first hand, so I am glad to give a testimonial for these products, they are incredible.

    I especially like treating sceptics, including doctors 🙂

    • harpreet
      21.10.2014 19:35

      Where is scescennernner treatment in Liverpool

    • Hi Mike,

      I am keen to know about your experience with the device. I have no experience with it, however I have used other energy devices.

      Thank you.




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