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COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider x3


The Best Any SLIDER Can Offer

COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider x3 is the latest LET Medical addition to the EX735 SLIDER series of professional devices that combine both SKENAR and COSMODIC technologies to dynamically optimize their ratio to fit the body’s needs “here an now”.

EX735Ag Slider x3 offers everything that the other SLIDERs do, PLUS:

  • the increased therapeutic efficiency of the device, which became more profound than the previous models “getting through” to deeply rooted problems quicker and easier and with a stronger effect on REGENERATION and REJUVENATION;
  • high DETOXIFICATION capacity efficiently helping the body get rid of drug residue, heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins (mostly from a mold), exogenous estrogen, inhaled air pollutants, and, in some degree, radiation and GMO fragments;
  • a separate ASSESSMENT module that walks a user through and performs the full-body assessment displaying the results in graphic form, which makes the procedure much more inclusive, precise, intuitive, and familiar to the classical SKENAR therapists.

NOTE: all our devices come with a complementary Virtual Training (PDF downloads, 50+ articles, 80+ videos) designed to help you get quick and profound results with your new COSMODIC or ENS.

Category: PROFESSIONAL devices
COSMODIC EX735 Slider x3
It Has It All – and then some

The EX735Ag Slider x3 is the latest LET Medical device in the EX735 SLIDER series. It was designed with the following main agendas:

  • increase the therapeutic efficiency of the device, especially in the area of REGENERATION and REJUVENATION;
  • give the device the highest possible DETOXIFICATION potential;
  • make the ASSESSMENT procedure much more inclusive, precise, intuitive, and familiar to the classical SKENAR therapists.

COSMODIC EX735 Sliders (EX735Ag Slider x2, EX735Cu Slider x2, EX735Ag Slider x3) are the top-of-the-line professional energy healing devices, which can also be successfully used at home. Combining both COSMODIC technologies in optimum proportions each given moment, they stimulate and dramatically accelerate restoration and regeneration processes in the body at such a fundamental level that healing “like nothing ever happened” unfolds in a record time.

All EX735 SLIDERs do that, but among the three the EX735Ag SLIDER x3 is the most powerful. COSMODIC component of this device has been enhanced in order to increase its REGENERATION and REJUVENATION effects. It is definitely more profound than the previous models and can “get through” to a deeply rooted problem much quicker and more noticeable than the other devices.

Besides, at this point, the EX735Ag SLIDER x3 has the highest DETOXIFICATION capacity of all COSMODIC devices. The detox effect of the COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider x3 is strong to the level of being dramatic. For example, when right at the procedure you can smell chemicals being released by the body (such as pharmaceuticals accumulated over time) or see black stripes on the skin where silver electrodes react with the impurities coming out with the sweat. The EX735Ag Slider x3 efficiently helps the body get rid of drug residue, heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins (mostly from mold), exogenous estrogen, inhaled air pollutants, and, in some degree, radiation and GMO fragments, even though the latter requires more studying and possibly a different technology to be really effective.

COSMODIC EX735Ag SLIDER x3 also offers a separate ASSESSMENT Module that walks you step-by-step through a full-body scan, such as 3 pathways and the strategic points on the front of the body, and then gives you the results in graphic form. That way you know exactly where to apply the device in order to get the best results in the fastest way possible (local assessment is also possible, of course). The device also stores the data received during each procedure in individual patient files, and you can always do comparative analysis during consecutive sessions to observe the dynamics.

All-in-all, the COSMODIC EX735Ag SLIDER x3 is a valuable addition to the SLIDER family and a big step in the evolution of the technology.

  • Two technologies of treatment (SKENAR or COSMODIC ®), which can be set automatically or manually.
  • Automatic selection of the technology for action in 4 ranges for the acting impulse to “slide” within and between, which helps to achieve the optimal effect of treatment.
  • Forms subsequent impulses in advance, speeding up recovery (ACTIVE SKENAR and ACTIVE COSMODIC).
  • 4 action modes in the Standard version of the device and 16 action modes in a Professional version with advanced settings.
  • Turns on manually or on touch.
  • Starts treatment immediately using all functions of automatic control and maintains perfect fine-tuning via user mode for automatic correction.
  • Corrects manual settings of action modes if they are wrong.
  • Graphic OLED display that shows main action modes, action energy, the activity of the area being acted upon, dosage, time of action upon the certain area and full time of action during session, menu and battery status.
  • Sound and vibro indication; individual settings of sound and vibrosignal for a particular manipulation.
  • Regulation of energy level can be automatic or manual. The EX735 SLIDER x2 automatically switches to the more delicate impulse (SENSO mode) while working on mucous membranes with remote attachments (such as vaginal and rectal electrodes).
  • Easy and precise assessment and selection of the best area to treat. The graphics in Active Area Search mode are simple and easy to understand.
  • EX735 SLIDER x3 offers also a separate Assessment Module that walks a user through and performs the full-body assessment procedure displaying the results in graphic form.
  • “Dynamic adaptation” mode automatically manages stimulation during a prolonged action.
  • The “quiet” mode allows to turn the sound off and activate a vibro-signal to indicate the reaction.
  • A timer of action upon the area, timer of the total procedure, a timer of the resource of the device, switch-off timer.
  • Screen rotation to the position comfortable for those who find it more convenient to work with the left hand.
  • Three detachable pure SILVER electrodes.
  • Two ports for remote electrodes, which gives you a variety of convenient treatment options:
    – one port for standard passive COSMODIC-compatible remote electrodes,
    – and one port for special “active” remote attachments (DX-type).
  • Automatic tuning into remote electrodes; automatic calibration of the electrodes through the menu.
  • The device keeps accurate records and regulates the time of use by medical personnel or by a lessee.
  • The device can be restored to factory settings and in many cases fine-tuned or even repaired distantly through the codes.
COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider x3 is represented in two versions:
Standard and Professional

The STANDARD version has the most necessary and optimal settings for personal use.

  • 4 action modes: 2 mono-modes – COSMODIC, automatic “sliding” mode within and between COSMODIC ranges, automatic “sliding” mode within and between COSMODIC ranges with massage function.
  • Working simultaneously with 2 remote electrodes, or with 1 remote electrode probe and the device. Parameters (energy level and action mode) for both probes or the probe and the device are set identical.
  • Assessment Module: “free readings” only.

The PROFESSIONAL version offers advanced settings (not available in basic version) that are essential for professional COSMODIC therapists in clinical practice.

  • 16 action modes divided into three groups of impulses -COSMODIC, COSMODIC, are represented with mono-modes, “sliding” modes, and modes with massage functions.
  • Assessment Module: “free readings”, readings on spinous processes, paravertebral roots (“3 pathways”), exit points of trigeminal nerve (“6 points”), separate readings for men and women – in digital format.
  • Working simultaneously with 2 remote electrodes, or with 1 remote electrode probe and the device. Parameters (energy level and action mode) for both probes or the probe and the device can be set identical or different for each remote probe or the remote probe and the device.
  • Professional License can be purchased separately (at the time of purchase or at a later time) for an additional $1,000 USD.

The COSMODIC EX735Ag SLIDER x3 electrodes are detachable and made in a form of three bars, which are flat on the underside and rounded at the front end of the device resembling “skies”. The rounded part is convenient for treatment of small or hard-to-reach areas (for example, on the face). The flat part is mainly used for the treatment of large areas.

In EX735Ag Slider x3 the electrodes are made of silver according to a special technology, which allows maintaining the natural structure of silver. Besides its high conductivity and ability to uninterruptedly transmit the sophisticated COSMODIC signal, pure silver as such provides an additional healing effect.

Silver is known for its bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and styptic qualities. Silver is a natural bactericidal metal effective against 650 kinds of bacteria which do not acquire resistance to it, like to most antibiotics. Adding pure silver to the body terrain substantially increases the body’s ability to fight infection and reduce inflammation, thus improving the course of many chronic diseases and preventing the development of new ones, including as serious as cancer.

EX735Ag Slider x2 also provides for remote electrodes to be connected to it. It has one port for passive remote electrodes and one new digital port for special active remote electrodes (DX-type) that LET Medical will be releasing soon.

CASING: The device is encased in “SMART” series casing made of shockproof (3.5 mm thick) ABS plastic. A protective glass on the faceplate.

What’s included in the COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider x2 PRICE
  • COSMODIC EX735Ag SLIDER x3 device;
  • Genuine leather case;
  • Two size AA, 1.5V batteries;
  • Operator’s Manual (supplied by LET Medical);
  • PDF of the “LET Medical Recommendations on COSMODIC Treatment” (sent electronically);
  • PDF of the “COSMODIC® User Guide” (supplied by us);
  • Access to our proprietary COSMODIC Virtual Training (Fast Start Track) with 50+ articles and 80+ videos to quickly get you proficient in operating your new device and achieving good results with it.

There are also DVDs available – full recordings of live training programs featuring the EX735 Slider x3 – “Make Your SLIDER Sing Even Louder” (sold separately). We also highly recommend the “COSMODIC For Younger You” program on DVDs that teaches the basics of COSMODIC technology in general and its application for anti-aging and beauty treatment in particular.


Your COSMODIC EX735Ag SLIDER x3 comes with a one-year warranty, which begins from the date you receive your device. The warranty covers any malfunctioning of the device except for the ones that happen due to careless handling (dropping or crushing the device, water or fire damage, battery leakage etc.). In this case, we will still help you to get your device fixed or replaced, but you will have to cover the replacement or repair costs.

When it comes to a SKENAR or COSMODIC device,
EX735Ag Slider is AS GOOD AS IT GETS.

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