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The Most Economical COSMODIC ®

PS705Fe is a second generation SKENAR-technology Home device employing the COSMODIC ® technology that can also be successfully used in professional practice. PS705 was designed as the most economical COSMODIC device: the most value for a reasonable price. And that’s exactly what you get.

High quality and simple use are the main highlights of this model. The PS705 is the best choice for those who want to have the most of COSMODIC benefits in a robust device, which can be simple and reliable “do-it-all” health companion at home or on-the-go (tourism, extreme sports, first-aid kit, patients’ self-treatment, etc.). The PS705Fe is also the most inexpensive COSMODIC device on the market today.

NOTE: all our devices come with a complementary Virtual Training (PDF downloads, 50+ articles, 80+ videos) designed to help you get quick and profound results with your new COSMODIC or ENS.

Category: PERSONAL devices

Dr. Karasev, the SKENAR technology inventor, about the PS705

Main purpose of design: Multi-purpose therapeutic device, for home use and travel.    

Robust PS705Ag(Fe) is a “do-all” device. It can work with any remote electrodes, even vaginal and rectal ones. This is the most reliable device! Its mission is traveling… in your car glove box. It will survive any shakes and even some drops.

As for peculiarities of treatment, this is really a multi-purpose device. Having such device and not keeping it in your car would be stupid, to put it mildly. Those car first-aid kits would hardly ever help you much. The PS705 will manage sudden acute pains, or chronic condition which may disturb you so unexpectedly and so untimely, and it will even keep you up in case of serious injury or shock condition. Whatever happens on the road – this device will always help!

You will start really valuing it once it comes in handy. You will realize how lucky you are to have it, when there is nobody else to help… and you will remember the day this device helped you, all your life.

Robust PS705Fe is a “do-it-all” device that is also the most
reliable and economical COSMODIC ®.

PS705Fe and its “silver” sister PS705Ag are both purely COSMODIC ® devices. The current model is the third upgrade of this well-proven and “seasoned” device.

PS705 devices are simple, reliable, and built to last. Take them with you on the road, keep in your glove compartment, your purse or a medicine cabinet, or give to your patients in-between your therapy sessions: these devices will sustain shakes and drops and get the job done. You can even lie on the PS705Fe, to treat your back while you are sleeping (its electrodes have a convenient for that flat shape).

PS705Fe is fully automated in action and operation and very power saving (the batteries last a long time). Its ergonomic design makes the device very convenient to carry and use (easily fit in your pocket or your purse, can be attached to your belt etc.).

PS705Fe Main Features
  • Switches-on on touch.
  • Energy level regulation is automatic – or can be set manually as well.
  • NEW! Three additional myo-stimulation modes (absent in previous models).
  • There is a “dynamic adaptation” mode which allows you to automatically manage stimulation during a prolonged action.
  • LED and sound indication.
  • You can switch the sound off and on.
  • Easy to determine the beneficial treatment areas.
  • Port for external electrodes (remote attachments).
  • Automatic tuning into remote electrodes.
LED indication displays:
  • The device contact with the skin.
  • Preliminary analysis of the area – Lets you know if this is a good place to treat.
  • The Energy level.
  • The body’s reaction to the treatment.
  • “Dose” when enough treatment is done.
  • The activation of “dynamic adaptation”.
  • Battery status.

ELECTRODES. In-built electrodes of the PS705Fe are made of a special ZOOM stainless steel which has a pyramidal structure. An important feature of this kind of steel is that it prevents chrome (inevitably present in any stainless steel and typically released due to the electrolysis process) from penetrating into the skin.

Electrodes of the PS705Fe are placed on the front-end and a lower part of the casing. The shape of the electrodes makes treatment of both small and large, as well as hard-to-reach areas easy. The electrodes are flat, which allows a person to even lie on the device during a long treatment.

CASING. PS705Fe is encased in “Pocket M” series casing. Waterproof keyboard and sealants make disinfection and cleaning of the device easy. The casing is made of shockproof (3 mm thick) ABS plastic.

What’s included in the PS705Fe PRICE
  • COSMODIC PS705Fe device;
  • Genuine leather case;
  • Two size AAA, 1.5V batteries;
  • Operator’s Manual (supplied by LET Medical);
  • PDF of the “LET Medical Recommendations on COSMODIC Treatment”;
  • PDF of the “COSMODIC® User Guide” (supplied by us);
  • Access to our proprietary COSMODIC Virtual Training (Fast Start Track) with 50+ articles and 80+ videos to quickly get you proficient in operating your new device and achieving good results with it.

There are also DVDs available – full recordings of live training program “COSMODIC For Younger You” that teaches the basics of COSMODIC technology in general and its application for anti-aging and beauty treatment in particular (sold separately).


Your COSMODIC PS705Fe comes with a one-year warranty, which begins from the date you receive your device. The warranty covers any malfunctioning of the device except for the ones that happen due to careless handling (dropping or crushing the device, water or fire damage, battery leakage etc.). In this case, we will still help you to get your device fixed or replaced, but you will have to cover the replacement or repair costs.

PS705Fe: COSMODIC Benefits and Professional Performance at the Lowest Price.

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