The SCENAR Philosophy

© Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel, January 1998

Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel and Dr. Irina Kossovskaia at the first International SCENAR TrainingDr. Yuri Gorfinkel was one of the first and the best SCENAR Specialist and a brilliant SCENAR Trainer. His “Individual Results of SCENAR Therapy” are still an inspiration for all SCENAR therapists and an indication of what SCENAR can do when The Healing Triangle reaches its full potential.

This Essay was written at the first International SCENAR Training course, held in the Bahamas in January 1998, following the personal request of the event organizer, Dr. Irina Kossovskaia. The original Russian hand-written notes were translated into English by Dr. Irina (you can see the first page of the notes at the end of this article).

Dr. Yuri passed away 2.5 months after this essay was written. It became his legacy.

SCENAR Therapy Philosophy

A human being is the top of the evolutionary tree of the organic world. It possesses the most perfect structure and performs the most sophisticated functions. And since the human body is perfect by design, the mechanisms of self-regulation of this body should also be perfect.

In other words, a human being do not suppose to get sick. Adaptive processes in our body should take its course instantly and unnoticeably.

So, why this is not happening? Why DO we get sick?

There are a few possible reasons.

1. We forgot how to properly use our self-regulation (troubles of civilization).
2. We continuously interfere with our self-regulation (various forms of treatment).
3. We misinterpret the natural bodily processes (troubles from intelligence).
4. We are the only creatures in nature that fear death (we are born to die).

No doubt, a human being gets from life not only suffering but also a lot of pleasure. And the richer our life is with positive emotions the happier and the healthier we are.

So, can we make a human being happy? Yes, and quite easily. Let’s get rid of physical suffering and thoughts about it! By easing our client’s pain on the first SCENAR session, we give him a great charge of optimism and positive emotions.

During our first contact with the client we introduce him to the process of SCENAR therapy. He begins to see that he is the master of his healing, because it is his body that performs the repair of the lost functions and restoration of various vital processes.

Our body has built-in programs of actions for any dis-ease. We jumpstart these programs with SCENAR, and we follow through to their logical completion.

In SCENAR therapy “diagnosis” and “the age”‘ of disease don’t matter. The current client’s condition and his complaints do. Complaints reveal to us the course of healing. By identifying the active complaint and working on it we assist in healing in the optimal way, at the same time influencing the entire body.

A human being is a whole system, and it would be improper, to say the least, to view it simply as the sum of its parts. In doing so, conventional medicine makes a huge mistake. It influences a part of the body regardless of the consequences to the other parts and to the body in general. This influence is not controlled and not adequate.

During SCENAR therapy the therapeutic influence is exactly dosed. The quantity and the quality of it are precisely determined by the body itself depending on what it needs at each particular moment. The influence is strictly individualized.

During the course of SCENAR therapy a client perceives internal functional changes. He monitors these changes, assesses them, and discusses new sensations with his therapist. This way the client actively participates in therapy – and acknowledges it. He becomes his own Doctor!!! That empowerment is a key to healing.

Is what we are doing good or bad?

I would say, even if SCENAR could help only one human being on the planet get rid of suffering, it was worth creating. Knowing that thousands of people were already helped, we can say, our life was worth living.

A human being who is relieved from physical suffering becomes cleaner spiritually. People say, “A healthy body carries a healthy spirit”. It means there is now less evil in the world. This is already a big accomplishment of SCENAR therapy.

Even a therapist himself is transformed by SCENAR. He can now immediately see and enjoy the fruits of his labour sharing the happiness of his clients, from the very first session to the end of the treatment course.

The first page of the “SCENAR Philosophy” hand-written by Dr. Yuri in January 1998

Satisfaction from your work is the most important professional feeling, which is worth working for.

It is noted that the cleaner are the therapist’s thoughts and the lighter is his soul the more effective is therapy. At the same time, any person becomes better working with SCENAR, with fewer problems in life.

Those who believe in God will easily understand our philosophy.

Be good; bring goodness to others
and it will come back to you thousands folds.

It is impossible for SCENAR not to help. You just remember to turn it on.

In conclusion, I would like to add the following. There is too much evil and violence in this world, too much troubles and suffering. And it would be a sin to refuse using something that can relieve “the pain of the Earth”!

Just try it – and let happiness come to you. Good luck.

Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel, MD

SCENAR (SKENAR) as a new field of medical science and as a unique phenomenon is constantly growing and evolving. 

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These sophisticated and intelligent machines more and more resemble the famous Star Trek healing device… What it is going to be 5-10 years down the road? 🙂 Stay tuned…

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