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“Star Trek Devices in Your Home” Teleconference – March 23, 2011

Michael Larry Beasley

This past Wed, March 23 we had a VERY interesting Teleseminar about Energy Healing Devices with Michael Larry Beasley, MS, LMT, NCTMB, AIBT as an opening to his Program on June 5th, 2011 at Health BOSS LIVE 6/11 event in Austin, TX.

  • If you have a “researcher” bone in your body, you need to listen to this.
  • If you want to really understand Energy Healing Devices (including your SCENARs and COSMODICs) and hear how they work on a cellular level from a Master of Science and a chemist, you need to listen to this.
  • If you want to know what combination of Energy Healing Devices is the most sensible, effective, and cost-efficient – and what is the “Julie Test”, you need to listen to this.
  • If you want to learn 3 quick and effective Protocols and “10 Crucial Points” to balance your body, reduce stress, improve your sleep, energy level and performance with your SCENARs and COSMODICs and other Healing FUSION devices, you need to listen to this (BTW, you can do these 5 min. protocols even WITHOUT any devices).
  • In addition, if you want to find out how to effectively combine EX735Ag with Q-Laser, what to do if you have negative reaction to the SOLARIS Blanket (and why you may have it), and how to quickly get rid of a headache (again, even without any devices), you need to listen to this.

GO HERE to listen to the Teleconference

P.S. To learn more about Mike Beasley and to watch how he in 3 min. manages to explain how SCENAR works and in 1 min – the goal of SCENAR therapy, GO HERE.

P.P.S. Mike Beasley is going to be our Practical Professor at the upcoming HealthBoss University LIVE 6/11 event June 3-5, 2011 in Austin, TX. He will be teaching the fundamentals of The Healing FUSION technologies and conduct SCENAR Training on June 5th. He will focus on the SECOND GENERATION SCENARs (the DOVE scenar, the C-DOVE & 705m, the COSMODIC 715 and the SCENAR-COSMODIC Hybrid EX735Ag) to supplement our SECOND GENERATION SCENAR TRAINING Program.

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