Wash away your pain with modern-age technologies!

anti-aging benefits are a huge reason why many individuals

and seniors are now using COSMODIC® to slow down

the aging process and even reverse it by years.

Efficiency and Safety

Quick and long-lasting effect with no negative side effects


Wide range of applications and adaptable techniques


Our devices are fully automated and simple to use



Our pocket-size devices will accompany you anywhere

For Whom?

For System body’s

Reorganizes the body’s energy resources and directs them where needed

For Doctors and Working Practically

Cleans the body’s “computer” organizing and systematizing programs and working practically as a registry cleaner

For the Body’s Healing Reactions

breaks the existing ‘energy cysts’ and jump-starts RE-GENERATION programs based on the continual Feedback from the body


COSMODIC® – This technology was a serious step forward, which became possible due to the implementation of multiple feedbacks.

Prolonged action

VAR – frequency modulation, which increases the CNS (central nervous system) response and prevents development of adaptation (tolerance) to stimulation allowing for longer therapy.


ENS provides for automatic selection of treatment technology in three ranges of the “sliding” impulse, to achieve high efficiency even for a home user.

Advanced settings

ENS allows you to design the action mode setting yourself (20+ modes in Professional version). First you select the treatment technology or technologies in mono or “sliding” range – and then you add the appropriate modulation for the needed effect of treatment.

Simple and smart

ENS offers a separate Assessment Module that performs and walks a user through a full-body assessment procedure displaying the results in graphic form. That way you know exactly where to apply the device in order to get the best results in the fastest way possible.


The device simultaneously supports 3 patented technologies of treatment developed by LET Medical: SCENAR-therapy, COSMODIC-therapy, ENS-therapy, and automatically selects the correct ratio in various combinations of them.

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    SCENAR (SKENAR), the smart PHA (Personal Health Assistant) to Russian Cosmonauts
    Now will Assure YOUR FREEDOM from Pain and give YOU
    even if You Almost Lost Hope

    Since the late-80s SCENAR (SKENAR) and its next generation COSMODIC ® perform healing miracles for tens of thousands of people all over the globe.

    Scientific research and extensive experience accumulated by thousands of health practitioners working with SCENAR devices and providing SCENAR therapy on a daily basis undoubtedly prove high SCENAR (SKENAR) and COSMODIC ® efficiency for the widest variety of health disorders.

    “It’s not a Myth; it’s Science!”

    Browse our site, gather information, listen, watch, learn – and get the only thing that really matters – the PERSONAL PROOF of what SCENAR and COSMODIC ® can do for you, your loved ones, and your clients.

    Let SCENAR device become YOUR Personal Health Assistant (PHA) – just as Dr. Alexander Karasev, the SCENAR and COSMODIC ® inventor, envisioned for every person on this planet.

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